Loctite 518 Gasket Eliminator Flange Sealant

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Recommended for use on rigid iron, steel and aluminum flanges e.g. aluminum gearbox and engine castings, etc.
Easy disassembly and cleaning.
Loctite® 518™ Gasket Eliminator® Flange Sealant forms a flexible, solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay.
Seals to 300 °F and fills gaps to 0.50".
It can be used on flexible metal assemblies, including aluminum surfaces.

Sealant for Gasketing
Gasketing is a sealant between two flanges assembled with screws.
The sealant completely fills the space between the flange surfaces, thereby preventing the escape of gaseous or fluid materials in composite machine parts or pipe connections.
The sealant for gasketing can be used with many different types of materials including various metals, wood, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glass, and even concrete. The type of sealant selected for a specific application depends on the material to be sealed, environmental conditions, temperature, and operating pressures in the system.

Part Number: L0C25583